Will Pearson

September 2015

In September we take a small second cut of silage in big bales which we will use to feed cattle outside once grass growth begins to slow in late October, early November.  Calves and cows are still looking well, and by now most of the cows should be in calf, with a due date of […]

August 2015

This year has been a fantastic year for grass growth.  All cattle are looking contended, the bulls are working, and the calves are growing and playing.  We busy ourselves with field work, repairing fences, digging ditches and putting in new field drains. Then, at our local country show we find ourselves talking to the local […]

June 2015

June is a great time of year to be a farmer; the days are long, the sun is shining (sometimes!), and for us we only have a handful of cows left to calve.  On a walk around the farm, we note how well the grass is growing, and how well the cattle all look, which […]

May 2015

We’re more than half way through calving now, with 2 sets of twins amongst the first arrivals, with all doing well.  We’ve now turned all of the other youngstock out onto their summer grazing, and we’re busy with field work to make the most of our only crop: grass. We move our cattle every few […]

April 2015

We start calving at the beginning of April, and so we pray that the weather is kind and we can turn the cows out into the fields so that they can calve in the fields.  Generally speaking the breeds that we have chosen do not require assistance during calving, and more often than not the […]