May 2015

We’re more than half way through calving now, with 2 sets of twins amongst the first arrivals, with all doing well.  We’ve now turned all of the other youngstock out onto their summer grazing, and we’re busy with field work to make the most of our only crop: grass.

We move our cattle every few days to fresh grass, which means the cattle are only ever eating the very best quality grass, and our fields have time to rest and regrow.  Our silage ground is fenced off, and will not be grazed until we have taken our silage cut next month.

This year we have purchased some additional breeding cattle, some Aberdeen Angus and Hereford heifers from Southern Scotland, and so we now start searching for a suitable breeding bull, looking particularly for a young Hereford bull.  Fortunately we don’t have to look far, and soon we’re all off to the heart of the Peak District to view a line-up of 8 prospective candidates. We have the pick of the bunch, and decide upon a handsome chap with a beautiful deep red colouring, and a long, straight back.  A deal is done, and in 2 week’s time Ludwig will be coming to Dunwood.  Once at Dunwood Ludwig be vaccinated for common diseases, and then will move into isolation for 4 weeks, which we do with all new purchases to protect our herd health.