Dunwood Farm Staffordshire Meat Delivery and Ipstones Butcher

Order before 12pm for next day local delivery Wed - Sat : National deliveries require 48hours notice delivered Wed - Fri

Our Meat Delivery Packaging

Direct Meat Delivery Packaging

All of our produce is hand cut to order, and vacuum packed just prior to being sent for delivery.  We vacuum pack our meat because it ensures a clean, fuss free delivery process, with the meat in an ideal state for freezing once it has arrived.


All of our produce is labelled with the weight, cut type, ingredients (if applicable), and use by date.

Meat Delivery Packaging

In our search for the perfect delivery packaging, we didn’t have to go far, just 19 miles in fact.  That’s because on our door step we have Wool Cool, who have pioneered a wonderfully sustainable, but also highly effective insulated packaging delivery system utilising the natural thermal properties of sheeps’ wool.  Wool Cool packaging not only performs better than its man made counterparts (no surprise here), but it also ticks a lot of the environmental boxes too.  We use Wool Cool packaging for our national deliveries (using APC).  Our local deliveries are not packed in insulated packaging unless requested at checkout.

Reusing your Wool Cool packaging

The sheeps’ wool liner from your delivery box can be repurposed in a number of ways.  Use it to line a jute bag and you’ve got a ready made insulated picnic hamper, use it to insulate your outside taps from the icy freezing temperatures during winter, pop it in your cat’s basket for a snuggly warm blanket, or use it to line your hanging baskets to retain moisture and defeat frost.  Those are just a few of our suggestions, but there are endless possibilities for us all to do our bit.  If you happen to come up with a novel use for your packaging we’d love to hear it @ hello@dunwoodfarm.co.uk


Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about our packaging, why not pop over to our delivery page for our helpful range of FAQs