Our Lamb

We source our lamb  from Troutsdale Farm, farmed by the Turnock family in Blackshaw Moor (3 miles from our base).  They keep pedigree Shropshire sheep, a superb native breed that ticks all the boxes for us: local, traceable, native breed, high welfare, and superbly tasty.

The Shropshire breed originated from the hills of Shropshire, and North Staffordshire, England, during the 1840s. The breeders in the area used the local horned black-faced sheep and crossed them with a few breeds of white-faced sheep (Southdown, Cotswold, and Leicester). This produced a medium-sized polled (hornless) sheep that produced good wool and meat.

We like to hang our lamb for 10 days before we cut it, as similarly to beef, this allows the flavours to develop, and the muscles to relax.  The combination of a quintessential native breed, exemplary animal husbandry, slow growth on a natural diet, and dry aging produces truly wonderful lamb, and we’re confident you’ll taste the difference.

We also have good availability of slow grown hogget, and dry aged mutton.