Our Pork

We’re all about high welfare, superior quality meat, and that’s why all of the pork that we sell is free range or outdoor bred.  We source 100% free range pork from Packington Free range based in Staffordshire and Hampshire breed pork from the Blanchard family in Oxfordshire.  

The Blanchard’s pork is outdoor bred, which means the piglets are born outside, before coming into higher welfare indoor sheds to be finished.  90% of the diet required for the pigs is grown by the family on their arable farm.  We added the Blanchard’s pork alongside the Packington pork due to a number of chefs asking for breed specific pork, and larger cut sizes, whilst also ensuring we can offer the best value for premium directly sourced pork. 

 When you buy pork from us, you can be assured that welfare standards are of paramount importance.  Working with both Blanchards and Packington also gives us the benefit of being able to choose exclusively gilts (female pigs), which produce an all together more enjoyable flavour.