Our Poultry

Some years ago we kept a few chickens for the table.  They had ample space to roam, graze and play, exhibiting a natural behaviour that is only possible for a truly free range chicken.  They had access to herb rich permanent pasture, grew more slowly and exercised daily.  When it came to eating these birds the taste was sublime, and I remember my grandmother saying ‘wow, this is what chicken used to taste like!’

When it came to finding a poultry supplier for Dunwood, I was quite clear that I wanted to emulate that taste of proper chicken from my childhood.  We found that and then some with HerbFed Poultry.  Based in North Yorkshire, Edward Wilkinson and the HerbFed team are producing something truly special.  Not only are their chickens free range and raised in small groups, but they also supplement the chickens’ corn based diet with fresh herbs.  This combination of wonderful husbandry and diet produces something truly special; a moist, flavoursome bird of distinction.

Alongside our HerbFed poultry, we also offer for sale barn raised red tractor assured whole chickens, chicken fillets and diced chicken.

Our poultry products are available to order online for free delivery and are included in our Staffordshire Meat Box which can be ordered via our online shop or collected from The Village Butchers in Ipstones.