August 2015

This year has been a fantastic year for grass growth.  All cattle are looking contended, the bulls are working, and the calves are growing and playing.  We busy ourselves with field work, repairing fences, digging ditches and putting in new field drains.

Then, at our local country show we find ourselves talking to the local Bee Keeper’s Association, and keen to learn more about Bees, we put our name on a list of landowners with space available for Bee Hives.  Just a week later, and we have 7 busy bee hives fenced off by one of our hawthorn hedges.  Bees have had a tough time of it over the past few years, with the national numbers considerably down, which is not only a great shame, but also a great cause for concern as Bees play such an enormously important part in farming; pollination.  Unfortunately we won’t have the opportunity to try any honey from these bees until next year, but we’re delighted to have them on the farm, and look forward to having a little taste of Dunwood honey next year.