September 2015

In September we take a small second cut of silage in big bales which we will use to feed cattle outside once grass growth begins to slow in late October, early November.  Calves and cows are still looking well, and by now most of the cows should be in calf, with a due date of April next year; fingers crossed we have another bumper crop of calves, and only time will tell what sort of calves we have from Ludwig, our new Hereford bull.

With things a bit quieter on the farm, we take the opportunity to visit Herb Fed in North Yorkshire, where their thoughts are already clearly focused on Christmas.  Their Bronze Turkeys looked in fantastic health, and we were delighted to see them ranging outdoors in their large grass filled paddock.  As we arrived, the free range chickens were just tucking into their bounty of fresh herbs, and it was clear that there are no gimmicks here, the chickens obviously very much enjoy eating the herbs, which Edward assures me leads to an improved flavour.

In the second week of September, we take collection of a very special new arrival; Ned the working cocker spaniel puppy.   Since our Border Collie passed away in February, we have been without a dog on the farm for the first time in decades.  True to his breed, Ned is exceptionally busy, and adores people.  He’s an absolute delight, but boy he does take some time up!