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Family Value Beef Box

Family Value Beef Box

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£87.50 Each

The family value box is just that, a box designed for the family at fantastic value.  We’ve found that often kids prefer meals centred around mince, joints and stewing beef rather than steaks.  With the family value box you’ll have beautiful beef to hand when next making a lasagne, chilli, Bolognese or Sunday Roast.  Use the Liver and kidney for hearty pies and stews.

Weight: Minimum 8kg

Shelf Life: Minimum 5 days

Delivery: Order by 6pm Saturday for delivery Friday

Finest Mince (2kg)
Diced Stewing Beef (2kg)
Topside Roasting Joint (1.5kg)
Pot Roast Joint (1.5kg)
Braising Steak (500g)
Liver (500g)
Kidney (500g)


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