Dunwood Contemporary butchers, traditional farmers. Longhorn & Aberdeen Angus Beef

Our Pork

We’re all about high welfare, superior quality meat, and that’s why all of the pork that we sell is free range.  For our individual cuts we work with Rob Mercer at Packington Farm in Staffordshire. We work with Rob because not only does he produce the most exceptional pork, but he’s also a Staffordshireite, like us, which means we can do our bit to reduce food miles.  All of Rob’s pigs are completely free-range, born outside and grown outside, raised according to the absolute highest animal welfare standards.  When you buy pork from us, you can be assured that welfare standards are of paramount importance.  Working with Rob also gives us the benefit of being able to choose gilts (female pigs), which produce an all together more enjoyable flavour.

We use free range pork in our sausages too; no shortcuts here!

For our pork boxes (quarter porker & half porker) we use rare and native breeds, either sourced from our own small herd of Berkshire & Middle White Pigs, or from our friend Up North in’t moors, Charles Ashbridge, who farms rare and native free range pigs on his family farm near Thirsk, predominantly Gloucester Old Spots.  The pork from our rare and native breeds carries a little more fat than some modern breeds, but the taste is quite simply sublime.

All of the pigs that we source are raised in small family groups, free to range, root and wallow in the sunshine, supplementing their diets with anything they happen to snuffle up during their endless rooting, producing proper pork, with proper crackling.