We’re farmers and butchers; our family has farmed at Dunwood Farm since 1973, and we’ve been established as butchers since 2015.

Dunwood Farm

Dunwood Farm is a 170 acre all grass farm set in the heart of the picturesque Staffordshire Moorlands, on the edge of the Peak District.  Our field sizes are small, lapped with wildlife rich hedgerows or stone walls, and most of our land is set to permanent pasture.  Our family has farmed here since 1973, and in that time we’ve come to learn that rare and native cattle breeds suit our grass based system above all other breeds.  Today we farm small herds of Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Longhorn cattle, which complement our traditional farming methods, and produce exceptional tasting beef.

We passionately believe that rare and native breeds, farmed with traditional, high welfare methods produce the finest tasting meat, and that’s why we have sought out a like minded group of other farmers to supply us with beef, pork, lamb and poultry.  Because we source directly from our farm, or our partner farms, we have absolute traceability for everything that we sell.


In the 1990s we began selling beef boxes from our farm to friends and family.  The positive feedback was incredible, and soon we saw that there was an opportunity to erase a few links from the supply chain, and sell our produce directly to the consumer.

Fast forward a few years, and in 2015 we acquired a small butchers shop in the Peak District village of Ipstones, known locally as ‘The Village Butcher’.  Since then we’ve grown our local retail trade, and developed a growing wholesale business, supplying traceable, high welfare, native breed produce to the best gastro pubs, cafes and restaurants, in both Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire and Birmingham.

True to our roots as farmers, we exclusively practice whole carcass butchery, ensuring both complete traceability, but also availability of all cuts.

In order to produce consistently excellent produce, we are completely focused on flavour, and this is why we dry age our meat, to further enhance texture and taste.

The Future

We offer our Rare breed beef, Free range Pork and other high welfare meats via our Dunwood Farm online shop for local and national delivery. We also offer direct click and collect from The Village Butcher in Ipstones. Each week we have a changing weekly meat box consisting of easy meals, and traditional cuts.